N-BK7 is the RosH compliance material of BK7. N-BK7 is aborosilicate crown ptical glass, which has high homogeneity, low bubble andinclusion content. Its good physical and chemical properties make it widelyused in visible and near IR range. Most of windows, lenses and prisms, whichused in laser, optical system, optical communication, are made from N-BK7glass.
H-K9L is the Chinese made equivalent material of N-BK7. Foctek choose the bestH-K9L glass from the biggest and famous glass manufacturer- CDGMGD.
Transmission range: 330 nm~2100 nm, click to view the transmission curve ofH-K9L
Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 7.5X10 -6 /K
Density: 2.51 g/cm 3




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